The Drawshield suite of programs aims to teach blazonry and the creation of shields. It can be used in different ways by clicking on the tabs down the right hand side.


View some examples of shields that can be created, both real ones and others that demonstrate the capabilities of the Drawshield suite.


Create a shield by typing in the blazon. You can enter the blazon into a text box by typing, or cut and paste and your shield will be drawn for you. You can also search the built in blazon database.


Build up a shield by choosing the component parts. You will not only see the shield drawn as you go along, but also the corresponding blazon. A great way to learn blazonry!


Try out your blazonry skills by matching a shield to the correct blazon. Shields and blazons are created randomly each time so there is no cheating!


Take a look at a randomly generated shield and compare it to the blazon. Over half a billion possible shield designs!

Lincoln Castle


Investigate blazons using a pre-release version of the Drawshield3 Parser.


Links to syntax diagrams, the built in blazon database and other sources of information about blazonry and hints for getting drawshield to understand your blazon. Also check out the User Commentsand Google+