So the brand name is one of those Chinese "Choose two random words" and it is described on Amazon as a "3D Puzzle", which isn't very accurate as there are comprehensive and detailed instructions; but I really enjoyed making this!

Until I started searching for model kits on Amazon I hadn't been aware of this type of kit, certainly not when I was a model-making kid; but then China wasn't a member of the WTO in those days and maybe the precision printing and cutting wasn't available in those days but it is now, and quite an impressive piece of work it is.

The only tools needed are a pair of snips or wire cutters and a some long nosed pliers, although some tweezers helped (and the odd dab of superglue when I messed things up!) For my tired eyes a lighted magnifying lens also helped. The construction technique is simple:

  1. Cut the piece free from the sprue using the snips
  2. Make any folds required using the long-nosed pliers and finger pressure
  3. Attach to the next piece by pushing tabs through corresponding slots
  4. Twist or flatten the tab to fix in place

Oh, and all this can be done whilst listening to audiobooks on your Amazon Alexa...

The instructions were excellent and the overall quality and presentation was very good. I did make a few mistakes through not reading the instructions carefully enough but I'm very pleased with this first attempt and looking forward to the next build. Lessons learned are:

And obviously something as pretty as this is just crying out for some tiny LED lights to be added!