Under Fortunate Stars - Ren Hutchings

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You can take it as read that most of the books I review I enjoy, since I only tend to review finished books and I only finish those I like! I pity the paid reviewer who presumably is expected to plow through the entire work even if they don’t enjoy it…

So yes, this was enjoyable. It is a set on a nicely drawn corporate spaceship (all the usual Dilbert-esque corporate tropes in place) but with frequent flashbacks to a confused period some hundreds of years before, and some backstory of some of the crew members.

We gradually come to realise that all of these elements are in fact intertwined through that plot device beloved of Star Trek, the deep space anamoly, in this case known as the rift.

Indeed, even the rift itself turns out to be explained in terms of events within the story, wrapping every single element up so neatly in the final chapters I am reminded of a ball of twine tightly wound with not a single loose thread! Very clever plotting and accomplished writing, well done Ren!

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