Site Credits


I'd like to thank all the creators and developers whose work I'm building on here.

Site under re-construction, please bear with me!


The site consists entirely of static pages created using the Jekyll] Static Site Generator. Development work is carried out a Mini-PC running Pop!OS, for text editing I use IntelliJ Idea from JetBrains with the IdeaVim(*) plugin and a colour theme that I can’t seem to settle on and changes every few weeks.

(*) The first editor I learned to use, some 40 years ago, was Vi and the muscle memory is too ingrained to change now!

The page theme is FEELING RESPONSIVE by phlow.

All images, diagrams, photographs etc. are my own work unless otherwise stated. I use the various tools provided by Affinity Software for image preparation and diagram creation.


As above, development work is done on my Pop!OS Linux Mini-PC which hosts multiple test versions of my various websites each on a different IP addresses.

The live website is hosted by Amazon Web Services on a tiny LightSail instance but since it is only static pages both performance and storage are adequate.